Thomas De Bruyne

As an architecture and interior design photographer, Thomas De Bruyne works for the greatest designers, architects and interior design companies in Belgium and abroad. We regularly see his images popping up at Imagicasa. His style feels familiar, and yet every image is different and inspiring all over again.
Under the name Caffeine, Thomas De Bruyne has been converting beautiful projects into equally inspiring images since 2007. He first did it as a hobby while still working as a graphic designer for an advertising agency. After a few years Thomas made the decision to turn his activities into a full-time job and now – still working as a one-man business, because this allows him to build up a personal relationship with each client – he is in high demand by the top designers, interior design companies and architects.
The photographer describes his style as “A deep focus and mix on architecture, materialisation and furniture to build an interesting image. Above all, I want to make a consistent, exciting series in framing, colour and atmosphere. My style is abstract and graphic, but not cold. My training as a graphic artist will always be visible in my images.”