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Craftsmanship is back, with a design touch


After spending so much time closed in our homes due to the restrictions for the Covid-19 we have understood which furnishings and accessories of our homes is time to change in order to have more comfortable and welcoming spaces. But how to choose? Which are the new design trends that could perhaps also be good for our home? There is a new trend that emerged from the last fairs, like Maison&Objet in Paris, Imm in Cologne, the Stockholm Design Week 2020 and Ambiente in Frankfurt. And it involves the world of design accessories and complements, including the lifestyle of the next months.

the new design trends
Magic Garden collection by Sacha Walckhoff for Rosenthal
Monochrome collection by Bornn

After years of plastic and resin design furniture and accessories, and after the enthusiasm of the laser printers that can produce a lot of items cutting costs and increasing production, the new trend wants a return to the artisan tradition for furniture and accessories. People start to appreciate again the beauty of handmade products: pieces made by ancient artisan techniques, different and with small imperfections that make them unique, created by mixing colors, textures and shapes that follow the tastes of the moment.

An example of this new craftsmanship trend are the last collections of the historical company Gebrüder Thonet Vienna. This company became worldwide famous for its curved wooden chairs, and also this year it proposes new lines of furnishings, which perfectly embody this trend of the return of craftsmanship and handmade, revisited in a contemporary key. The wood is treated and worked as in the past, but the colors interpret the new tastes, adapting perfectly to contemporary and modern interiors.

About table accessories, the new collections of dishes designed by Sacha Walckhoff for Rosenthal, presented during the Stockholm Design Week, 2020, follow this new trend too.   The creative director of Christian Lacroix, who also collaborates with design and interior companies, has designed three lines of dishes with flowers decorations. The craftsmanship of the German company ceramics today is reinvented once again with handmade designs, enhancing the precious element of manual processing.

Another example of antique craftsmanship, mixed with contemporary tastes and styles, is the collection of accessories presented by the Turkish brand Bornn, which exhibited this year for the first time in Frankfurt Ambiente fair 2020 and is already well known abroad. Founded by the sisters Oyku Thurston and Basak Onay, it combines the ancient Turkish craftsmanship of the enamel reinterpreted with patterns and colors with a contemporary style. The result is a colorful and table accessories collection, already on sale from Paris to New York.

Last example, which in addition to the artisan element of the production also adds the customized detail, and therefore even more unique and special, is the new collection by Sambonet. The company, specialized in the production of cutlery still created today according to historical processing techniques, has launched the new Tailor Made line. You can choose model, size and color of the cutlery, that can be personalized with initials, badges, designs and dates. Craftsmanship becomes custom made, thus adding the precious element of the handmade to the uniqueness of the personalized details.

pieces made by ancient artisan techniques
Cutlery collection by Sambonet

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