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Communication and Covid-19


In these lockdown weeks for most of the companies, all the marketing teams are reconfiguring their strategies by focusing on the communicative, as well as commercial, role of images. It’s not possible to meet customers, all the fairs, events and presentations have been canceled, and the only way to promote products is by web and social networks. How the ceramic companies are managing this kind of situation? We asked it to Silvia Mar, art director of the Spanish company L’Antic Colonial.

direttore artistico Silvia Mar
Silvia Mar copyright Rubén Poré for L'Antic Colonial

What is the focus of L’Antic Colonial company you work with?

L’Antic Colonial is a company specialized in natural products such as natural stone coverings, wood floorings, mosaics, bathroom collections. The firm offers a vast array of high quality natural products for contemporary architecture, and it’s a reference for architects and interior designers.


What is your role as art director of a natural surface material company?

My experience and skills in interior design, graphic design, product design and photography allow me collaborating with the L’AC design and marketing team from a 360º point of view on the branding as art director. Our goal is to align the brand communications through the set designs we make, the photography, catalogues, website to give coherence between them and to connect with their audience. We have developed recently some new digital tools, like the useful “Moodboard” that helps anyone to show easily an idea for a project.


Covid-19 and the global lockdown: how did l’Antic Colonial react?

The company has been very aware of the situation and Covid 19 emergency since the beginning following the instructions and recommendations from the government regarding their team and we started the smart working modality. Furthermore, recently the firm has created a department to manage special needs due to the virus such as hosting health teams, donating masks and personal protection equipments to the hospitals.


For sure in the next months the traditional products communication and selling ways will not be possible: as art director how are you reorganizing your work?

In my opinion, this global issue is going to change, temporarily at least, the way that we do many things and shopping. As a progression of past trends, the shop, as we know it, will evolve to have greater focus as a showroom where we would go to view products in person, but with even greater focus on online sales.


How much is important for a ceramic and coverings companies to communicate by images the quality of its products?

For a company is very important to communicate by images but nowadays is even more important to communicate the communicate the quality of its products values of the brand behind the products. That is the point that makes the difference between companies. It’s important to show how one can create the link between client and the user of your products and how you can help them with the best quality, service and solutions. Everything you show of your company needs to flow in the same direction and have uniform coherence. The set design, the choice of product and props, the models, their clothes, the music, lighting: everything counts.


Do you collaborate with other companies? 

Mainly my work as art and creative director is focused on companies where design and communication are an important part of their DNA and their clients are mostly designers, architects or people that like good design in general. My clients are international furniture companies, architecture and interior design firms or homeware and contract supplies manufacturers. Also, lately I enjoy a lot working on interior design projects for private clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds. To design a space that it is just to live in for me is a different challenge, but emotionally very rewardless too.

Come si stanno comportando le aziende di ceramica?
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