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Elena Maestro Shlyapina

Born in Soviet Union, live in Italy, photographer now and economist in the past. From 2011 I live in Milan, firstly for studying the photography (CFP BAUER) and now for the family and work.

My first camera I’ve got as a present for my sixth birthday, it was “Smena-8M” – the small camera for children. I was really excited for the photos of my first shooting, I remember a squirrel I wanted to take a picture of (it was funny playing catch). And after the shooting I and my dad have installed the darkroom (in the small soviet dark bathroom) and developed my pictures. The developing photos was amazing…but the photos not. My first shooting was absolute disastrous! Without any focus and the composition really unique. Now I smile but at that moment not.

Now I work as a photographer, specialized in interior design (Photofoyer agency) & advertising campaigns, I love the conceptual photography and the art, I’ve also studied a little bit for film-director, film-script & sculpture. Sometimes I try to do my best in painting…

Also I organize creative workshops for the children and their parents, I’m the president of the Culture Association “Butterfly Effect”.

My life goal is to express the beauty of our world in its every particular.

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