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Italian ceramics beat the crisis

February 19, 2020
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February 19, 2020 Maria Chiara Antonini

Italian ceramics beat the crisis
by Maria Chiara Antonini

The ceramic sector knows no crisis: all the results of 2019 confirm the positive trend, which travels hand in hand with the growth of the housing sector and the increase in construction expenditure at a global level. In addition, countries such as China, Japan and India are experiencing a strong expansion, thanks to the increase in disposable income and the high population, recording a steady growth in terms of sales of the entire ceramic sector.


And what about Italy? Our country boasts the record of investments in the sector, the result of a precise strategic choice of entrepreneurs, who prefer to preside over the premium segment of the market. Italy is also in the lead in terms of export share on turnover and average price even if, after fifteen years of continuous growth, it sees its production slightly flect despite the global primacy of production internationalization.

So, positive figures in terms of sales and market flows, but then how do you communicate the quality of the product? How do you reach the end consumer? Because if it is true that today with a few clicks we can learn about everything, it is equally true that certain values, such as the quality of a product, its versatility and its application potential cannot always be fully explained in words.

What really makes a difference today is the support of ad hoc created images. When producing ceramics for floors, wall coverings and for the whole outdoor world, photographing them already inserted in living contexts makes the idea of the product and the final result much more. But since these are important works for a company that produces ceramics, it is not always so easy to find the right environment for laying, furnish it in the right style and then photograph it.

A valid alternative, which is already known today by many companies in the ceramic sector, is the use of nice images already made, in which you can put your products. The Photofoyer agency, thanks to twenty years of experience in the world of interior photography, houses and architectural projects, boasts a vast archive of images that can be used. How?

Photo-insertion: allows you to integrate different images into a single final image such as inserting a building to be built in an existing urban context. Or furnish a real environment with furniture that one day will be physically there but for now there are not. 

  • 3D / Rendering: generates an image starting from the mathematical description of a three-dimensional scene. It gives life to everything that is a 2-dimensional project (on paper) and takes it to 3 dimensions, making the image so realistic that it is difficult to believe that it does not exist yet. 
  • Artistic Direction, Graphic Design and Executive: they are the point of arrival. Images are almost always contextualized in a communication tool, a catalog, a brochure, a digital tool. Our professionals are trained to do it because they have a photographic sensitivity and a long experience. 

In the ceramic sector, always so growing, it is no longer enough to produce excellent products: what makes the difference today is the quality of the images with which the ceramic companies promote themselves on the market and to their customers.


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