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Montse Garriga Grau, the Spanish photographer and globtrotter


She is one of the most published photographers by top design magazines, as well as the most requested for shootings by media. And this thanks to her impeccable style and her infallible eye in finding the perfect shot. This is Montse Garriga Grau, Spanish photographer and globetrotter for passion. She collaborates with Photofoyer, and her shootings are the most requested. This is what she told us about her work, including tips for who wants to become photographer today, and funny moments she lived on the sets.

the Spanish photographer Garriga Grau
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How did you start to work as photographer?

I have always loved photography, behind every shot there is a story, a moment, a special light. For a few years I lived in London with my husband who was a correspondent for a Spanish newspaper, and I decided to study photography. After the course, I started working first as an assistant to a professor at the photography school, and then by myself. The first works were for catalogs, then furniture, and finally I started to shoot houses. I immediately understood that my passion was and still is shooting houses.


How is your work today?

My passion for homes made me focus on interior photos. And today many editors call me for shooting interiors, because they appreciate my style for their magazines. I also collaborate with architects and interior designers: they call me to shooting their new projects. I would say that for this kind of collaborations, it all depends on the style you have and the relationships that you build over the years with the people.


Do you need many collaborators on the set?

As I’m, I prefer to work alone on the set. I don’t need so many people around me: my assistant and the stylist who works on the details of each shot are enough before I shoot. I like to take my time to find the right light and to make the best shot.


One of the most beautiful sides of your job?

When you work as interior photographer you know and meet many people, you travel a lot, even if you understand that the most beautiful country in which you want to live is the one in which you were born. I live in Barcelona, and for me it is the most cool and interesting Spanish city if you love art and design. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.


Any tips for those who want to become a professional photographer today?

First of all, my tips for upcoming photographers is to practice a lot. Which means taking lots of photos, anytime. And this works for learning the technique and refining your style. Being patient is essential, as to study the best light. In the winter months, for example, when the natural light lasts a few hours, I always go two times in the houses where I have to shoot, and check the best light during the day, before making the official shooting.


A funny moment you lived during a shooting?

My job funniest moment has been twenty years ago: I was in Majorca with my stylist because we had to shoot a house. We rung the bell of the address we got and once we entered tin the house, the owner thought we were the household appliances sellers with whom she had a meeting. Then we understood: we had the wrong house number! We laughed for hours.

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