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Lights on a new business


Networking, generating synergies and creating new business opportunities: in these months of Covid 19 and phase 3 focused on a slow begin of the economy and commercial activities, creating new ways of collaboration between companies and skills has become the main business theme. Because if it is true that one of the assets of Italian companies is having a family management and highly specialized and local production, it is also true that in these times of fluctuating economy, creating a new system combining energy, resources and skills, can be one of the most productive activities. And it’s a plus if you combine it in addition to a new way of doing business more competitive and stronger on the national and international market.

Luce in Veneto, a network of companies in the smart lighting sector based mainly in the Veneto Region, already knows that synergies and skills sharing is a plus. Its mission and its organization have made it an excellent example of a new way of generating turnover, creating related activities and promoting new commercial opportunities. We met Cluster Manager Antonella Venza and the President of Luce in Veneto Alberto Sozza, who told us about the peculiarities and positive feedbacks of creating a network between companies.


When did you start and which are the companies you work with?

Luce in Veneto is a dynamic and innovative cluster, active since 2016 and composed of small and medium-sized lighting manufacturers. 90% of the companies are based in Veneto, but we also have 10% of companies active in Lombardy, Marche and Friuli.


Why did you decide to focus on lighting?

Lighting technology is one of the Made in Italy excellence sectors, and it’s able to mix design, technology and beauty. Veneto is the second region (after Lombardy) at national level for the number of companies specializing in lighting. For this reason, we wanted to enhance this type of activity, recognized and requested on national and international level.


How do you support companies that join your network?

We organize different types of activities. From training with various courses, to research and technological innovation, supporting development projects. Up to internationalization, strengthening its presence in foreign markets with a market-oriented approach. We work in close collaboration with local and European institutions, universities and research centres.


How is possible to join Luce in Veneto network and what is your mission?

Today we have 45 companies that are part of our network. And in order to join it, it must be a virtuous company, specialized in the world of lighting and having its own production peculiarity. Because our mission is precisely to promote the products of companies, enhancing the distinctive elements that make Made in Italy unique in the world.

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