February 6, 2020 Maria Chiara Antonini

How a brand is reborn
by Maria Chiara Antonini

The Lalabonbon brand case history is a story of rebirth and revenge of Made in Italy in a such competitive design and interior decorating world. It is also an example, as well as an excellent idea, of how you can convert an old industrial production into a new brand to launch again on the market. As Cristina Zanni, author of the birth of the Lalabonbon brand, told us, it all started when she was working on an interior decoration project. The owner had old chairs that in the past had furnished his hotel: he no longer used them, but they were well preserved despite the years. They were made of metal, with a still solid supporting structure, produced in the 70s by the CIFSA Design company in Savignano sul Rubicone, today in the province of Forlì and Cesena, Italy.

Lalabonbon Cristina Zanni for Photofoyer

These old chairs had the same shape of the vintage chairs that today everyone loves to have: simple line, minimal backrest, thin legs. “They had a very nice style,” says interior decorator Cristina Zanni, “it was enough just to refresh them with beautiful fabrics and perhaps adding some metal finish”. So here’s the idea: why not start again the old production of chairs and adapting them to the vintage trend of the moment? The idea of Cristina Zanni sounded very interesting to the owners of CIFSA group, which had stopped production, focusing only on metalworking for different companies. So they decided to start again the production of the old chairs, and thanks to the collaboration with Cristina Zanni the classic model has a new contemporary style, while maintaining that line so vintage that today’s architects and designers love so much.


Completely made in Italy, as they were already in the 70s, the chairs are now made by choosing from a wide range of fabrics for the seat and back, embellished with different metal finishes. In this way the CIFSA group continues its production as a subcontractor, but at the same time it has revived its historic line of chairs by creating the new Lalabonbon brand. “A musical name”, says the designer Cristina Zanni, “easy to remember, and at the same time it expresses the concept of versatility and eclecticism that this new line of chairs have. Because we also produce customized chairs on demand, according to the tastes and requests of the final customer”. After a press launch last year, the Lalabonbon collection and brand was officially presented at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris in January, with also new tables and stools. The winning marketing idea for this new brand? A classic product, renovated with quality fabrics, completely made in Italy and customizable. Beautiful in form and unique in finishes.


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