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Kasia Gatkowska Interview

January 23, 2020
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January 23, 2020 Maria Chiara Antonini

Kasia Gatkowska Interview
by Maria Chiara Antonini

Kasia Gatkowska is one of the most requested and published photographers by design and interior magazines. Her style is unmistakable, her photographs tell every time different stories and they are always illuminated by a warm natural light. She came to photography after different studies, which then slowly brought her closer to the world of the interior. Today she lives in the Netherlands, but she is always ready to go to photograph a new home or to portray the artist of the moment. Here’s what she told us about her work.

Kasia Gatkowska by Photofoyer

How did you manage to work as photographer?

I’m 53 years old, I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, but I moved to Amsterdam thirty years ago where I studied Arabic at the University of Amsterdam. After graduating I decided to follow a new path into interior design, but found my work naturally evolving towards interior photography. I enrolled at Photo Academy, but after a year I decided to continue on my own and learn from practicing. My childhood dream was to travel and see as many places on earth as possible and miraculously I’m very close to actually living it. 


Which are the challenges and the satisfactions of your job? 

Every assignment is a new challenge. Your experience is valuable but you also need to reinvent your approach every single time, otherwise you’ll be retracing your steps and your work will eventually get outdated. Keeping my mind and my perception sharp is the core value of how I work. I’m a curious person so I keep learning every day. And most important: I love my job! The people I work with and the projects I photograph inspire me and give me energy. I hope this energy somehow becomes visible in my work.


How do you find new interiors to take pictures to and how do you choose them?

The last twelve/ thirteen years of my work as photographer have been very intense. I’ve been working with a lot of amazing people: architects, interior and fashion designers, journalists, and some of them became my friends. They keep me updated on their new projects and that’s mostly how I get to photograph them. I try to choose the most inspiring ones, those that make my heart beat faster, and if they do, I’m quite sure they’re going to be a success.


What is the detail that an interior has to have for being published?

I believe that an interior story published in a magazine should be exceptional, inspiring to readers, amaze them. There are so many other media where you can find beautiful images of interiors, like Pinterest for instance. But to tell the story of a space, about the people who created it, to enter their world, that’s what makes a story so special.


Tell us something about your job we still don’t know?

Maybe just the fact that no matter how big the location is, I often find myself squeezed into utmost corners of the room, standing in a bathtub, on a kitchen counter, balancing on a roof or fence or even climbing in a tree to get the best shots. You have to be quite an acrobat to be an interior photographer. 


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