Jordi Miralles

I was graduated in technical architecture from the University of Barcelona but I work as a photographer of architecture and interior design for over 28 years. My experience and empathy with the architect, before as a technical architect and now as a photographer, make it very easy for me to understand the project. The images help us to interpret a space, to enjoy it, even to discover new visions that may surprise the author himself, so photography becomes an indispensable accomplice between the architect, the photographer and the observer. In 2016 I obtained the official license of AESA to be able to pilot drons. This aircraft allows me to bring a new perspective to my reports as well as progress in the field of video as an added value to my work. At the moment I am working all over the world making reports for important firms of architecture, interior design, hotels, builder companies…, that are published in the most prestigious national and international magazines.