December 10, 2019 PhotoFoyer

Irene De Luca Interview
by Maria Chiara Antonini

First interview ever for this new Photofoyer blog, focused on interior decoration, design, photographers, stylists and all the decorating trends. And of course the first interview is with Irene De Luca, the founder of Photofoyer agency based in Milan. Here her answers to our 5 questions.

How and when did you start your adventure with Photofoyer?

I worked for about 20 years with some of the largest photography agencies in Italy, and in the 2006 I decided to open my agency with a specific focus: architecture and the world of interior. I started alone, after 2 months I hired my first employee. Two years later we were already 3 and the agency represented 50 international photographers. My first customers were mainly Italian magazines, now I can proudly say that 80% are foreign magazines, published worldwide. Today Photofoyer is the landmark for international editorials and corporate companies images, and it has the largest international collection of interior and architecture images with rights for all advertising uses.

In a world where images are so important, how a photography agency should be organized today?

To survive today, in an such strong and competitive market, we must differentiate ourselves by focusing on the medium-high end market, which ensures quality and continuity. The people who work in a photography agency must have an international vision, they need to know what’s happening in the world and have the right amount of curiosity about everything that develops culture. It is also essential to maintain a constant honest and direct relationship with photographers. In our job quality pays, but you have always to work on it.

How a house should be today in order to be published?

Tastes and trends changed a lot in the last years. Once the houses were simple and they were published because the lifestyle of the owners Now we are living a design boom and tastes become more international. Today we sell and magazines publish 2 different types of houses. It can be an interesting project and the owner works in the world of design and art. Or the interior of the house/apartment is nice and it offers ideas how to furnish and decorate our homes. The architecture magazines are mostly focused on materials, energy saving and green mood.

You work surrounded by beautiful images of amazing houses: how did you furnish your home?

My home in Milan is inside a building from the 1960s, furnished with light colours, white walls, design lamps, furniture by de Padova. Everywhere, plants, memories of my many travels and small flea markets pieces that I collect.

How was the strangest house you sold with Photofoyer?

A wooden cabin designed by Snøhetta studio in Norway in the middle of wild nature, a sort of refuge for extreme explorers. At it was so far from everything that the materials had been transported by helicopters and snowmobiles. It was a photo-shooting made by the photographer James Silverman, definitely our most published feature.

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Studio Snøhetta in Norvegia
photo by James Silverman
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