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Filippo Bamberghi: a biologist photographer


He is one of the most famous photographers, his images are published by the best Italian and international design and architecture magazines. It’s Filippo Bamberghi, photographer in love with his work, with interesting art background and naturalistic hobby. We met him, after his last job trip.

Filippo Bamberghi photographer in love
Villa Emma photographer Filippo Bamberghi for Photofoyer

Tell us a something about yourself and your training

I was born and raised in a family of architects and art historians. Over the years I developed my own particular idea of beauty, always keeping in mind the big names that made the history of art and architecture. I had my first Olympus camera when I was 10 years old and since then I have never stopped taking pictures. I studied biology because I am passionate about the charm of nature and animals, so much that I’m a WWF Italy activist for the protection of birds.


Why did you decide to become a photographer?

Perhaps, looking back on my life and the family where I grew up, I can say that I was destined to become a photographer. It’s already 20 years that I work by myself, but the years of work experience I spent alongside a great teacher like Adriano Brusaferri have been fundamental for me. I learned everything about the traditional photography and the optical bench, and then the infinite possibilities of digital photography that we use today.


What do you like most about your job?

Working as an interior, design and architecture photographer, and also as travel photographer offers you the opportunity to meet and get to know many creative and interesting people with an open mind about the world. Thanks to my job I can travel with a focus, optimizing my time in the most effective way possible, without wasting it on needless things.


How do you understand when a shot is the right one?

When you photograph an object or an interior you can take all the shots you want, so you are sure you have the right one. In the portrait the strange alchemy that you create with the subject is different. And when you make a photo, it is often a matter of moments, because in a second a gaze or the light can changes. But there is always a moment when you feel that the right photo is done: it is an instantaneous perception, you don’t have any doubt.


The next trip you would like to do?

I would like to visit Amazon: it was already on my list last year but I had to cancel it for various reasons. I wish I could immerse myself in the wildest and most interesting land on the planet, and I would do it an ethnographic, anthropological and obviously also naturalistic spirit. Who knows, maybe one day.

fotografo interior Filippo Bamberghi
Filippo Bamberghi for Photofoyer

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