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Within the Features Archive, the best projects in architecture, interior design and home stories, photographed by Italian and international talents who entrust Photofoyer with their editorial distribution, are made available to specialized publishers.

In the Features Archive you can also find a selection of exclusive projects, produced by our team and realized in collaboration with important architecture studios.

Archive registration

Registration to the archive is free of charge and reserved for professional customers: magazine and book publishers, press offices, companies (covering, supplies and hospitality), communication agencies.

What you can do once you have registered

After you have completed registration you will be contacted by our team to guide you in browsing and searching for images suitable for your needs.  

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  • MAKE customized searches
  • FREE DOWNLOAD of low resolution images with Watermark
  • CREATE your own light-boxes and download PDF layouts with your chosen images.

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Our team will periodically send you customized proposals for new projects in line with your target audience.
You can also request specific searches from our team.