Sergio De Riccardis

Professional photographer since 2001, always specialized in interior photography, initially in the office furniture sector and then also in the residential and hospitality sector.
The approach I use is very technical and rigorous, I like to restore the real perception of the atmosphere of places in the photos. I am not looking for the emotional and glossy photo at all costs but an image that is elegant and refined, balanced and sober that can stand out in the sometimes too loud world of contemporary photography.
I think I have a small record (at least I recognize it myself) in the reportage of start-up structures, where in addition to purely photographic skills, an important ability to manage logistics and relationship problems both with the internal staff and also with the providers of other communication services so as not to lose sight of the main objective which is to arrive on time and ready for the start of a tourist season.
I live in the Salento countryside and I work mainly on the national territory, for over 15 years I have been collaborating with various realities as a trainer in the field of photographic post-production.