Daniel Schäfer Interview

December 27, 2019
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December 27, 2019 PhotoFoyer

Daniel Schäfer interview
by Maria Chiara Antonini

Daniel Schäfer is a German photographer who lives between Germany and Spain. After a past as a model and management studies, he decided to work as interior photographer. His passion for travel makes him to constantly accept jobs in the most diverse cities in the world, shooting houses and interiors. But what makes a house so interesting to be published in a magazine? And does it face to the challenges of his job? Here’s what he told us.

Daniel Schäfer for Photofoyer

How did you become a photographer?

I was born in 1978 in Germany, I studied industry management and I started to work as a fashion model. 20 years ago I bought my first analog camera which has been always part of my travels. I loved to capture life, forms, colours, and architectural compositions. Actually, my beloved grandfather inspired me to do an annual calendar of my travels. At some stage, I felt that I want to concentrate on photography and got my first offers.

Challenges and risks, but also satisfactions of your job?

A portrait is always a big challenge for me as it does effort human chemistry with the right choice of shooting condition and sometimes very few time. The satisfaction is if people are happy with the result. I like and need the challenge and probably through my martial art background I never give up until I am more happy with the result.

How do you find new interiors to take pictures to and how do you choose them?

Most of the time I am asked by magazines or clients to photograph a project. Besides constant research, we get also informations about new projects from interior designers and architects who want their works to be published.

Which are the ingredients that make a nice interior to be published by a design magazine?

I think that a mixture of personal character, architecture elements, design and inspiring details can make a nice story to be published. Then of course each magazine has its own style and personality.

Tell us one of the adventures you got while working as photographer?

Every now and then there is something to wonder about. Once I went to photograph a fashion store in a shopping centre in Detroit. I was always very curious about the city because of its history and musical background. So I decided to arrive a day earlier by train from Chicago. I met a guy and he ended up showing around the city all day long. A magical day and I am still very thankful for that. In the end, he hooked me up in one of the most iconic hotels in Detroit: The Leeland Hotel. I actually had to take the elevator to the 6th floor and walk 1 floor down because some things just didn’t work anymore properly. An insecure feeling pared with adventure and pureness. I love when life surprises you.

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