Cristina Gimenez Interview

January 9, 2020
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January 9, 2020 PhotoFoyer

Cristina Gimenez Interview
by Maria Chiara Antonini

If you love to spend your time in the international art circuit, you will have met Cristina Gimenez. Maybe it was in Germany or in Spain where she lives, or at an opening of a show of one of her artist friends somewhere around the world. Art lover and curator, Cristina works also as stylist and journalist and many of her works have been published by the best international interior and architecture magazines. Here how she described herself.

Cristina Gimenez photo by Antonio Sanz

What did you do before working as stylist of interiors?

I have a background in curating, producing and organising exhibitions and events in the contemporary art world, with a degree in Fine Arts from Valencia Universidad Polítecnica. For six years I was Director of Ivorypress gallery in Madrid, one of the biggest private art institutions working with artist including Ai Weiwei, Claes Oldenburg, Olafur Eliasson and Zaha Hadid.

How do you combine your love for art and your work as stylist?

Over the years I had the privilege to visit fantastic museums, art galleries, awesome houses of artist, art dealers and collectors. This opportunity has given me a very unusual approach to interiors and how to install art or how to combine it with furniture, design and architecture. For me what it is important is to find the relation between objets, to help them to set a dialogue. It is not about looking good, it is all about being right.

Every house is different but I'm sure in every set you have a kind of routine: how do you organize your job when you have to shooting a house?

When I walk into a set my eyes are like scanners looking around. Then my mind starts to reorganize the furniture mentally. At that stage I have to hold myself before to start to move things around. I have it clear how to make the place look better, but before moving things, the photographer have to place the camera. After that, we look together through the lenses and decide together where to place each objets to fill the space and to make sure things are not overlapping.

You see beautiful houses, so we wonder: how is yours?

I have houses in three countries, UK, Spain and Germany. My husband is German, I am Spanish and we have a neutral place in London. Each of this places offers very different things in all senses, the architecture, the enviroment, the life style…

A challenge and a nice aspect about your job as stylist?

The most challenging situation is when I work in remote places: holidays residencies in beautiful landscapes but not during the holidays season. Which means that there is none in kilometres around and those are long working days. A nice aspect of my job is to see the confidence and the trust of the owners of the houses, who don’t even know us personally: they let me and the photographer come inside their houses and take all the time we need to make the shooting, the styling and to find the right switches for the lights.

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