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How to communicate post Covid-19?


Lockdown, phase 2 and new begin after Covid-19: because the epidemic, everything was turned upside down. And while governments are thinking how to relaunch the economy, companies are wondering how to start communicating and promoting their products again. We asked it to Isabella Braglia, HiPix Agency Sales Director.

communicate post Covid-19
Isabella Braglia

HiPix agency: focus and core business?

HiPix is a dynamic agency born in 2011 and focused on communication. We take care of the graphic design of communication tools in every detail, from the creative to the executive phase, paying particular attention to visual identity, the real winning factor in the era of mass communication. Our relentless updating on the new trends of interior design, and the use of the latest generation software, have made us leaders in the field of image creativity, HiPix’s core business.


In what are you specialized?

Our long-term activity has made us specialist in the ceramic sector. For years, the most important companies of this district have trusted us by the results obtained together and consolidated over time. We are Italians and what distinguishes us from others is the culture of beauty, the curiosity and the knowledge of design. Our artistic taste always guides our choices about all the design process.


Today, because the lockdown of activities due to the virus, images are very important for the communication. How strategic is the exclusivity of a photoshoot?

Today, more than ever, it is essential to find the right way to communicate effectively and authentically. Immediacy and concreteness are the prerequisites for good communication, increasingly oriented towards digital platforms. The right photoshoot is essential to make a difference and, given the over-exposure of everyone to data and information, it is necessary that every image goes direct to the goal. It must capture attention without words.


Photo-insertion or 3D/rendering: which one works better today?

Both are surely important since they are different and not always replaceable each other. Intrinsic photorealism is certainly the strong point of photo-insertion, while 3D rendering offers a complete freedom of choice. That’s why, project by project, we decide with the client which technique to use. In any case, the ability to create a well working message depends on many factors, such as constant research and the use of the newest software and techniques.


Image and information: how will they change in the next years?

The pandemic has accelerated the changing process in relation to traditional media. Commercial activities and alternative online presentations have become the favourite tools of the companies for reaching their buyers all over the world. Today the biggest challenge is to invent new ways to communicate effectively and authentically by multimedia presentations, virtual tours, webinars, podcasts. And it’s what many ceramic and design companies are already doing in these weeks. I’m sure than when the emergency is over, many companies will certainly treasure the opening to the world of the web.

fase 2 e lenta ripresa
Image with 3D-rendering effect

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