February 13, 2020 Maria Chiara Antonini

The Color of the Year 2020: Blue or Pink?
by Maria Chiara Antonini

New year, new colour: this is the new “colour trend” created by Pantone Color Institute, which annually decrees the colour of the year, that will influence what surrounds us in our everyday life. Furniture, art and lifestyle: for 12 months everything is linked to that special color tint, chosen after long studies and research on an international scale. But how was it born? And who chooses it? It all started in 2000, when the Pantone LLC, an American company that catalogs the colours and works on an identification system of the different nuances, founds the Pantone Color Institute with the task of establishing the “Color of the Year”.

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore for Photofoyer
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Since then, twice a year the company organizes a meeting involving several international specialists. After two days of debate, a color is chosen for the following year, and it is nominated in the official Pantone View magazine. This magazine is read by all designers and artists who follow the new color trend for their creations of the following year. But how that colour is chosen? Every year the experts of the Pantone Color Institute – trend-setters who travel the world in search of new influences in terms of colour – capture the influences and changes that come from the most diverse areas. They can be an architectural style, the revisiting of a shape in fashion, a new mix of different colors, or even a new lifestyle, a need that arises from new work rhythms or a special event. Trend-setters capture all these “impulses”, rework them and then translate them into a tint that summarizes all these signals.


For 2020 has been chosen the Pantone Classic Blue: a shade of blue that, as the psychologists say, is a calming and relaxing colour. And when it’s used into the design and fashion world is welcoming, elegant and ageless colour. As the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eisemam wrote “we live in an era that requires trust and hope, and the colour of the year 2020 has profound resonance, and constitutes a solid base to which we can anchor”.


But not all companies follow this trend of the Color of the year, because they prefer to offer different alternatives, created for those who want to be more independent and free. This is the case, for example, of another American company: Benjamin Moore. Big and very famous company specialized on painting since 1883 and still in-house producer of all its paints, varnishes and resins, every year it decides its colour of the year, always developing new nuances and unique shades. Which one is its 2020 colour? Pink: soft, relaxing, bright, which changes during the day because of the light, but that nevertheless remains a welcoming and warm colour.


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